Slash Fiction – Coerced Bi Sexual Fantasies

How many times have you sat down to watch your favorite Television series and during the episode you find yourself going off into fantasy land?

Which of these fictional characters are you fantasizing about…and WHAT are they doing?Well that brings me to the topic of this particular post…Slash Fiction.

What is Slash Fiction?

Wikipedia and other fetish based books define Slash fiction as a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of romantic or sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex. While the term was originally restricted to stories in which male media characters were involved in an explicit adult relationship as a primary plot element, it is now often used to refer to any fan story containing a pairing between same-sex characters, although many fans distinguish the female-focused variety as a separate genre commonly referred to as femslash. The characters are usually not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes

mmm…knowing that brings a particular naughty little slash fiction coerced bi fantasy to mind…a naughty fantasy for all your trekky nerd boys out there

Im thinking of a particularly forbidden scene of Capitan Kirk begin dominated and owned by Mr. Spock himself.

Captain Kirk is a seemingly straight and narrow guy, I’m sure female fans would gladly throw themselves at them…but–little do they know Captain Kirk wears panties underneath his uniform, little do they know that he ENJOYS being coerced into these compromising positions of being bent over, ass cheeks spread while a large cock penetrates his man pussy.

Now don’t take offense trekky boys and girls, you know you have these twisted thoughts…how many of you put yourself in Captain Kirk’s position and become the one being penetrated by a Vulcan?

And if you are not a trekky boy…perhaps a star wars nerd or some other devote follower of another series…what erotic roleplay fantasies cross your mind?


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Pass the Penis for Charity

I intend on having LOTS of kinky Role Play fun this week, HOWEVER, in honor of the Hair and Heels Charity Event on Black Friday, This blog post will remain UP to bring awareness to the different charities we will be donating to.

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