New Erotic Audios

I realized I had been neglecting my blogs. I went from blogging daily for 28 straight days, to not blogging for over a week. But—that will happen from time to time. In November, I ran a free custom audio promotion. Now that its over—I have some new additions to my Adult Audio Store.

You know how much Mistress Ivy loves role play—and ALL kinds.

The most recent additions have been sexy erotic role plays, and some erotica.

Full Moon Fantasy
Is about a female roommate who was just your down-to-earth girl next door. But, she goes out during a full moon and something insider her is sparked and awakened. Her male roommate had always been a good roommate and yet he is now the person of choice for her to discover her new sexy, erotic and very dominate side.

Steam Room Fantasy
Is about a girl working out at a local gym. She steps into the steam room and catches a naughty cock stroker plugging right along. She decides to have a bit of fun, and a bit of sudden masturbation and sudden sex emerges.

Sissy Husband’s Pleasure
As a sissy husband you should KNOW it is YOUR job to please me, not the other way around ,but being a tiny dicked two pump chump while you are down in between my legs pleasuring me—you experience a no hand orgasm…hmm that easy huh? Lol

CBT Release
After being denied and in chastity for sooo long, it is time for a cum release party! BUT, such a momentous occasion requires a certain celebration and me being the mistress of mean and the warden of penis penitentiary, you KNOW itll involve a bit of cock and ball teasing, some nipple twisting and then the explosive finale.

Check out more to be posted in coming weeks and months. And if you find a topic or story that excites you go and download them ;)

Now for a question for my lovely devoted readers…what types of roleplays would YOU like to read about from your role play mistress?


Pass the Penis for Charity

I intend on having LOTS of kinky Role Play fun this week, HOWEVER, in honor of the Hair and Heels Charity Event on Black Friday, This blog post will remain UP to bring awareness to the different charities we will be donating to.

The girls of hair and heels have decided to take ALL . . . → Read More: Pass the Penis for Charity


Sissy Maid Pegging Party

Hello, all you sissy little sluts out there.  Mistress Ivy has a scenario for you, and maybe you can keep your little dickie in your panties until I’m through.

You nasty little “girls” out there might have heard that I love a good party or two.  I particularly like having my friends over for . . . → Read More: Sissy Maid Pegging Party


Strict Teacher, Bratty Co-ed…Punished Stroker Boy

Erotic Roleplay is ALWAYS a blast. It’s even more fun when you have another mistress to role play with. Have you ever had a 2-mistress call? I happen to think that each and everyone is just as memorable as the last. And this one was equally as amazing.

Earlier, I had a 2-mistress erotic . . . → Read More: Strict Teacher, Bratty Co-ed…Punished Stroker Boy


Guided Mutual Tantric Masturbation

You know what is more fun that guided masturbation?

Guided Mutual Tantic Masturbation

Seems like a mouthful, but really…it’s a handful or TWO!

What is Guided Masturbation?

I is when a cock stroker like you calls up a sexy masturbatrix like me, and I guide you. I tell you how to stroke your cock, . . . → Read More: Guided Mutual Tantric Masturbation